Our House Wines

Our wine menu at the restaurant jokingly refers to the hardiness of these Nebraska vines with the following description:
“Where the combination of weather and wildlife produce vines of unparalleled vigor. After surviving strong winds, fierce thunderstorms, tornadoes and hungry determined rabbits, deer, and diving birds; only th finest, strongest and most flavorful grapes make their way in this fine Nebraska wine.”

Little Blue White
Made from Lacrosse grapes with the sweeter palette in mind.

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St. Martins White
Made from the Seyval Blanc grape; a clean, crisp, semi-dry white wine.

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Mouse’s Blush
A semi-sweet with notes cherry and plum.

Hanging Bridge Red
Semi-dry red with hints of cranberry.

St. Croix
Made from the St. Croix grape for a dry red wine.