Our Brewery Beers

Ox Bow Brown Ale


A traditional English Pub style brown ale.  Low hop bitterness with malty

and coffee flavors.  Brewed with Fuggle hops.

ABV 5.0%  IBUs  21.1

Little Blue Kolsch

A German style ale.  A light, crisp and slightly fruity beer with low hop bitterness.  Brewed with Tettnanger hops.

ABV – 6.0%  IBUs 20.8

Liberty Farm Pale Ale

An Americanized pale ale with more liberal hopping

using Northern Brewer and Cascade hops.


ABV – 6.3%  IBUs 30.4

India Pale Ale

Currently not on Tap

img_0190 ABV 7.2%  IBUs  53.7

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